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Tips and Good Practices

1) The Community Foundation wants to fund organizations that are "making a difference." Explain how your organization is effective in creating positive change. You may provide this information under the "Your Grant Request" portion of your application.

2) Explain why the Foundation should fund your organization over every other organization that has applied. Need alone is not sufficient.

3) Include sources of income as well as expenses in both current annual operating budget and the program/project budget. In the project budget, list your major grant sources by name and indicate which budgeted income sources are still pending. This information is requested under the "Funds Request" portion of your application.

4) Unlike government grants that fund large budgets year after year, community foundations give relatively small grants to organizations from time to time. Healthy organizations should attract money from many sources. In providing information concerning ongoing funding, be as specific as possible about potential sources.

5) The Foundation is pleased to have received many grant applications in the past. However, a majority of the applications have been turned in on the deadline day. Organizations are encouraged to submit an application for a grant from the Foundation, but it would be most appreciated if consideration were given to not wait until the last day to submit your grant application. PLEASE NOTE THE 2018 DEADLINE IS 12:00 a.m. on Friday, August 17th.


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